Monday, September 8, 2008

Criminal Matters

North Carolina wastes too much taxpayer money on harassing and prosecuting non-violent offenders. This includes the court system and the prison system. This takes away valuable resources from prosecuting criminals who have damaged or stolen other people's property, or harmed or defrauded other people. This will lead to safer streets and homes, and a better environment for small businesses to grow in.

When I'm in Raleigh, I'll support laws that will focus our laws toward investigating and prosecuting violent crimes, while opposing laws that further attempt to harass people who are not hurting others.

Feel free to contact me here or directly by e-mail if you have specific questions. This is an incredibly broad topic that could take numerous blog postings to answer fully.


steve said...

TJ, I'm interested in understanding how you draw the line between criminals who are worthy of aggressive prosecution and those who are not? Do you think a system that delineates in this way promotes the commission of lesser crimes?

T.J. said...

Well, the current system does the exact opposite: we waste so much time on non-violent offenses that the system actually promotes the commission of greater crimes. The line between the non-violent and violent is simple: if your crime results in a victim, the crime is a serious one and worthy of prosecution.